1. How can I book a place in the Student's House?

As soon as we will get scan of your visa we will book a place in one of our student dormitories that are under SUT's jurisdiction

2. How much does it cost?

The price of a room depends on whether the room is single or double, with bathroom or not.

Usually it is about 350-600 zł (90-150 euro) for double room and 400-800 zł (100-200 euro) for single room.

3. When should I pay for the dormitory?

After arrival.

4. Can I change dormitory?

We usually reserve rooms depending on available places but situation is very dynamic, it is possible that after arrival we will have a place in different dormitory so it can be possible to change the dorm.

5. When can I get my acceptance letter?

When your application will be conditionally accepted by the Faculty Coordinator and you will make a payment for the first semester (the payment is required by the embassy) we will prepare a letter for you and your status in the system will be change for accepted.

6. Can I get a hard copy of my final letter?

We will send hard copy via curier company and the letter scan will be sent to the candidate via the recruitment system.

7. Should I translate my diploma?

Your documents can be submitted in Polish OR English so it means that if your diploma is in English you don't have to translate it. If your diploma or transcript of records is issued in Russian, Ukraninian or in any other language you should translate it into Polish or English.

8. When should I apply for visa?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Due to the large number of applicants, terms in many embassies are very distant, sometimes even about 2 months. Please don't wait for original letter, but book the date of your visit in the embassy earlier to make sure that you will finish whole procedure before semester will start. You can do it on website : https://www.e-konsulat.gov.pl/

9. Which documents are required for visa application?

The visa application has to be submitted together with 2 biometric photos,  a travel document and any other additional documents individually specified by the consul.
Before filling in the application, you are advised to contact the consular post where you intend to  submit the visa application, to find out what additional documents will be required in your particular case. Embassy usually requires confirmation of tuition fee payment. Checklist of required documents you can find here:


It is only the example from embassy in Mumbai but the list of required documents is available on the website of any Polish embassy.

From our Univerity you will get 2 documents - acceptance letter in English and confirmation that you are accepted fro studies (in Polish). Both are required by all emabssies.

10. Which airport in Poland should I choose?

Choose the nearest one so it is Katowice airport or Kraków airport. If you come to Warsaw please remember that it is about 400 km away from Gliwice.

11. Do you have any refund procedure in case of visa refusal?

Yes, In case of visa refusal – the tuition fee will be refunded, reduced by bank charges. In any other case, not falling into above mentioned categories, in particular unlawful use of the Polish visa, fee refund is not possible. If you need a hard copy of your acceptance letter for visa purpose, we can send it by courier company but in case of visa refusal, the cost of this package will be deducted from your tuition fee refund.

12. What should I bring with me to Poland?

You should take with you all documents submitted in application and your passport. Diploma and transcript should be lagalized.

Take some warm clothes with you because the temperature in winter may be below -15 Celsius degrees.  All other important things you can buy in shops in Poland. We have also many shopping malls here.

13. When should I legalize my diploma?

The diploma should be legalized in the Polish embassy when applying for a visa, that is after acceptance by the university but before coming to Poland. At the recruitment stage, legalization is not required.

14. Which documents must be lagalized?

Diploma and transcript from high school for Bachelor studies and diploma and transcript from previous University for Master.

15. What kind of documents confirming language skills are accepted?

The list of documents can be found in the section "English language requirements".

16. I have a conditionally accepted status what does it mean?

Your application has been approved by Faculty Coordinator. You got the invoice for tuition fee and now we are waiting for your payment. As soon as we confirm your payment in our Financial Office, you will get a final letter.

17. When should I come to Poland?

You will get an information from our Admission Office about the Orientation Days, it is usually last week of September or for the spring semester, it will be in the middle of February. We recommend arriving one or two days before to get to know the campus and the surrounding area.

18. How can I get some information about application status?

You can easily check your application status on your profile. If you have some additional questions you can write an email on study@polsl.pl. Due to our private policy we can not give you any information during telephone conversation.

19. How can I pay application fee?

We only accept payment by bank transfer. The information about account number is available on your profile in section called "invoices". Name of account owner is Politechnika Śląska but you can also use an English name - Silesian University of Technology.  Please notice that the application fee is not refundable.

20. Embassy requires health insurance during visa procedure how can I buy it?

One of required document during visa procedure is health insurance but it doesn't have to be Polish insurance. You should find insurance company in your country and buy an insurance which will be valid in Poland for at least one year.  

21.  What does it mean that the course will be open on condition of collecting a group of 15 students?

It means that there is a high risk that this course will not be open. Usually the final decision is made at the end of current intake so even if the decision is positive, there will be not enough time to get visa. The best option is to choose additional course which is without any limits. If you will be accepted, you can easily apply for visa. When you arrive to Poland and the first choice course will be opened, you will be registered to this course . If not, you can still study at your second choice.

22. What is the minimum number of GPA points to get to University?

We don't have such a limit. Each candidate is treated individually. On our website on each course there is information about which subjects will be taken into account during recruitment. The final decision belongs to the Faculty Coordinator and is final. If in your country the presented document is positive and entitles you to take up studies then in Poland too. BESIDE THAT PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IF IN YOUR COUNTRY SOME MINIMUM GRADE/POINTS IS REQUIRED TO GET ACCESS TO HIGHER STUDY, IT WILL BE THE SAME IN POLAND. (in Bangladesh you need to obtain Higher Secondary Certificate in at least second devision).

23. Which documents I should submit?

You need to submit all documents mentioned in section required documents:


Moreover you need to know that if some additional document is required in your country to start studies it will be also required in Poland (for example national exam after high school).

24. My embassy requires proof of accommodation what should I do?

In the final acceptance letter there will be included information about your accommodation and confirmation that place for you is already secured but the address will be set up later.

If you need to mention in online visa application specific address you can write down the main University address. It is Akademicka street no 2a, 44-100 Gliwice.

You don't need any additional documents.

25. How can I get the confirmation that my high school certificate/diploma allows me to study in my country and abroad?

According to our national law, if the document gives you the right to take up first cycle/second cycle studies in your country, it gives you the same right here in Poland. Sometimes this information is already witten on your documents, if not, you need to go to your Ministry of Education (or similar institution) and ask for confimration that your document gives you the right to study. 

On the other hand if in your country is reguired some kind of additional national exam without which you can't start studies in your country, then we will also require it (for example in Nigeria you can't get access to any University wihout UTME/JAMB exam).

26. Can I apply for any scholarship?

All information about scholarship you can find on our website:



27. How long does the admission process last?

It is not simple to answer such a question. It depends on many factors. If you pay application fee and we will receive it then your application will be checked in Admission Office (about 3-4 days). If everything is correct the application will be sent to the Faculty Coordinator (it takes about 7 days to check it on the Faculty). Next step is preparing conditionally acceptance letter (about 2day) and we are waiting for your tuition fee payment (usually it takes about 2 weeks). When we receive your payment we will prepare a finall acceptance letter (4-5 days). 

You need to realize that we are working from Monday to Friday 7 a.m.-15 p.m. If you apply during the holiday period the time can extend.