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MScMechanics and Design of Machinery – Aircraft propulsion systems

Tuition fee €1,100.00 per semester

Tuition fee (1100€) for 1st semester (1000€) for each subsequent semester

ATTENTION: If you are an EU citizen who wants to study under the same regulations as Polish citizen (for free, but based on grades ranking) then you need to apply via the SOREK system. To go to SOREK please click -> HERE

Application fee €20.00 one-time
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Graduates will be qualified professionals in design and operation of aircraft propulsion systems, both turbine and piston engines. They will gain knowledge in thermal and fluid flow phenomena which occur within aero engines both from the point of view of the theory involved and their mathematical modelling with professional software. Additionally, attention will be paid to structural issues of the drivers, especially the thermal loading of the engine components.

Programme structure

Main courses
• Aircraft design methodology
• Material technologies in aviation
• Aerodynamics
• Thermodynamics for aircraft propulsion
• Basic Airside Safety
• Air Transport Fundamentals
• Flight Simulators
• Environmental protection in aviation
• Thermal challenges in aircraft applications
• Air piston engines
• Combustion and Combustion Chamber of Turbine Engines
• Environmental impact and Thermoeconomic Evaluation in Aviation Sector
• Internal processes modelling of aircraft engine
• Aircraft Engine Design
• Propeller and jet propulsion systems
• Numerical modelling of external flows
• Numerical methods in the design and maintenance of the aircraft propulsion systems
• Aviation engine technologies
• Thermal Stresses
• Aircraft Engines Control Systems and Arrangements
• Advancements in Aircraft Engines Designs

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Application start
Nov 6, 2018
Application deadline
Dec 15, 2018 23:59
Europe/Warsaw time

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States