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MScMechanical Engineering – Lightweight structures (under the patronage of Silesian Aviation Cluster)

Tuition fee €1,600.00 per semester

Tuition fee (1600€) for 1st semester (1500€) for each subsequent semester

ATTENTION: If you are an EU citizen who wants to study under the same regulations as Polish citizen (for free, but based on grades ranking) then you need to apply via the SOREK system. To go to SOREK please click -> HERE

Application fee €20.00 one-time
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Graduates possess knowledge necessary to understand the behaviour, mechanics, stability, designing of materials and structures and also manufacturing and joining lightweight structures. During studies special attention is paid to the aspects of reliability, maintainability and diagnostics of lightweight structures and also problems dealing with energy-efficient driving systems. Particular attention is paid to the practical knowledge and skills developed in collaboration with the aviation and automotive industry.

Programme structure

Subjects of the specialisation
• Laser technologies in production processes
• Integrated CAx systems
• Biomechanics with ergonomics
• Finite and Boundary Element Methods
• Object programming language
• Design methodology
• Material technologies
• Fundamentals of methology
• Analytical mechanics
• Hydraulic and pneumatic drives and control systems
• Design of lightweight structures
• Stability of lightweight structures
• Manufacturing of lightweight structures
• Bonding technologies
• Multiscale modeling
• Vibroacoustics and technical diagnostics
• Energy-saving driving systems
• Design of lightweight structures
• Reliability and maintenance of machinery

Career opportunities

The course will give you the chance to advance your career to the professional level. You might also choose various positions in research and development, testing and design within the aeronautical industry. Additionally, solid background of CAx systems, material science, as well as 3D modelling and optimization will help you in starting your career in different branches of industry, like automotive, aerospace, machine industry and other engineering and manufacturing industry sectors. Taking part in group projects, in teams bringing together students of various experience levels and different nationalities, and in close contact and consultation with industrial experts will allow you to learn how to manage different responsibilities in the team, how to run a project and how to solve practical engineering problems very similar to those that you can be faced with in the industry.

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Application start
Nov 6, 2018
Application deadline
Dec 15, 2018 23:59
Europe/Warsaw time

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States