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1. How can I book a place in the Student's House?

As soon as we will get scan of your visa we will book a place in one of our student dormitories that are under SUT's jurisdiction

2. How much does it cost?

The price of a room depends on whether the room is single or double, with bathroom or not.

Usually it is about 350-600 zł (90-150 euro) for double room and 400-800 zł (100-200 euro) for single room.

3. When should I pay for the dormitory?

After arrival.

4. Can I change dormitory?

We usually reserve rooms depending on available places but situation is very dinamic, it is possible that after arrival we will have a place in different dormitory so it can be possible to change the dorm.

5. When can I get my acceptance letter?

When your application will be accepted by the Faculty Coordinator and you will make a payment for the first semester (the payment is required by the embassy) we will prepare a letter for you.

6. Can I get a hard copy of my final letter?

We will send hard copy via curier company and the letter scan will be sent to the candidate via the recruitment system.

7. Should I translate my diploma?

Your documents can be submitted in Polish OR English so it means that if your diploma is in English you don't have to translate it. If your diploma or transcript of records is issue in Russian, Ukraninian or in any other language you should translate it into Polish or English.

8. When should I apply for visa?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Due to the large number of applicants, terms in many embassies are very distant, somethimes even about 2 months. Please don't wait for original letter, but book the date of your visit in the embassy earlier to make sure that you will finish whole procedure before semester will start. You can do it on website :

9. Which airport in Poland should I choose?

Choose the nearest one so it is Katowice airport or Kraków airport. If you will come to Warsaw please remember that it is about 400 km away from Gliwice.

10. Do you have any refund procedure in case of visa refusal?

Yes, In case of visa refusal – the whole tuition fee will be refunded. In any other case, not falling into above mentioned categories, in particular unlawful use of the Polish visa, fee refund is not possible.

11. What should I bring with me to Poland?

You should take with you all documents submitted in application and your passport. Diploma and transcript should be lagalized.

Take some warm clothes with you because the temperature in winter may be below -15 Celsius degrees.  All other important things you can buy in shops in Poland. We have also many shopping malls here.

12. When should I legalize my diploma?

The diploma should be legalized in the Polish embassy when applying for a visa, that is after acceptance by the university but before coming to Poland. At the recruitment stage, legalization is not required.

13. What documents must be lagalized?

Diploma and transcript from high school.

14. What documents confirming language skills are accepted?

The list of documents can be found in the section "Language Certificates".