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Tuition fee €2,200 per semester

Tuition fee (2200€) for 1st semester (1300€) for each subsequent semester

ATTENTION: If you are an EU citizen who wants to study under the same regulations as Polish citizen (for free, but based on grades ranking) then you need to apply via the SOREK system. To go to SOREK please click -> HERE

Application fee €35 one-time

or 160.00 PLN

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The graduale possesses knowledge and skills within the following scope: architectural design, city planning and conservationist design as well as spatial planning: history and theory of architecture, theory of city planning, chosen elements of fine arts, technical sciences connected with the field of study and humanities. The graduale understands the role of the architectural profession in society, as well as its effect on the quality of the environment. The graduale is prepared: to undertake creative activities within the scope of architectural and cityplanning design: to obtain the Professional licenses required by law: to fulfil independent roles in building projects: to design and manager construction work, especially architectural work: to coordinate work in groups featuring a variety of professions: to conduct project management of architectural and city planning offices: to independently manage a business entity and pursuere serach work. The graduale is prepared for work in: architecture and city planning design offices, administrative offices of state and local authorities, scientific research Institutes and research and development centres, as well as entities chich pro vide consultation services. The is prepared to pursue doctoral studies (third degree).

Programme structure

Architecture Design – Mixed-Use Public Complexes
Module A/1: Typological Design
Module B/1: Conceptual Design
Architectural Design – Industry
Conservation Design
Module A/1: Designing in Cultural Context
Module B/1: Buildings Conservation and Adaptation
Urban Design Modules
Module A/1: Urban Regeneration. Transformation of Degraded Urban Areas
Module B/1: Urban Regeneration. New Development In Degraded Urban Areas
Local Planning
New Technologies and Design Methods in Architecture
Master’s Design Thesis in Architecture
Diploma Seminar
Regional Planning
Foreign Language
Intelligent Building
Spatial Planning
Methodology of Scientific Work
Physical Education
Practicing an Occupation as Architect
Polish modern architecture versus Silesian school of architecture
Architecture of sports objects
City economy
History of spatial planning
Architectural transformation
Interdisciplinary research in ergonomics
Pre-design studies of urban space
Residential areas – history, trends, contemporary challenges
Form of indwelling in the cultural and social context
Health Care Objects Design

Apply now! Fall semester 2020/21
Application start
May 9, 2020
Application deadline
Jul 1, 2020 23:59
Europe/Warsaw time

The sooner you start the visa procedure, the more likely you are to receive a visa on time.

Studies commence
Oct 1, 2020

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States