Tuition fee €1,500 per semester

Tuition fee (1500€) for 1st semester (1400€) for each subsequent semester

Application fee €20 one-time
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• in-depth engineering knowledge and design using a wide computer base
• classes in specialized laboratories equipped with advanced measuring equipment
• contacts with many leading domestic and foreign companies
• cooperation with other universities
• development of interests through active activity in student research group

• general knowledge in the field of mathematical-natural sciences and technical sciences
• fundamentals of environmental engineering
• fundamentals of circular economy and waste management
• fundamentals of water management and protection, water and wastewater technology, networks and water/sawage supply installations, ventilation and air conditioning, heating, technology and organization of works
• emission and dispersion of pollutants, threats and environmental risk
• specialized knowledge in space of 3 modules: Design, Technology, Environmental Management

Programme structure

• solving various specific problems that ensure the normal life of residents in the external and internal environment (in buildings)
• solving a number of problems related to the start-up and operation of technological objects such as: water or sewage treatment plants, waste recycling plants, ventilation, air conditioning and heating installations
• recovery and use of energy, materials, effective use of raw materials, circular economy, as a basis for sustainable development and limiting the environmental anthropopressure
• active participation in group work, managing human teams performing commissioned tasks (projects) and using professional literature, including legal regulations
• use of specialist language in the field of environmental issues, objects and engineering processes

Career opportunities

research institutes, design offices, enterprises dealing with atmosphere protection, water supply, sewage disposal, wastewater treatment, waste management, reclamation of degraded areas, offices of local and state administration

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States