Admission Office automatically reserves a place in the dormitory for each student. If you don't need a place please contact with us.


Silesian University of Technology has its own dormitories which are managed by the university’s administration. The dorms may differ from one another in standard.

Double and triple rooms are the most common offer.

The dorms are located within the University Campus, 10 minutes by walk from the faculties. We have also dormitory in Zabrze and Katowice.

Students are accommodated to particular dormitory according to number of free places, available in each dormitory.

The Admission Office does not help students to find room/ flat in the city centre. 

After arrival you need to pay dormitory deposit (200euro) which will be refund after check out.


Name of dormitory     type of room            payment for 1month     payment for 1night/person

Alaska :                          double                          477 PLN                       33 PLN

Babilon :                        double                          475 PLN                        32 PLN

Karlik :                          place in the triple segment

                                                                           639 PLN                        43 PLN


Strzecha :                      double                            605 PLN                     43 PLN

Elektron:                       double                            605 PLN                     43 PLN                                                                    

Ondraszek :                   double                            432 PLN                      32 PLN

Piast:                             double                            410 PLN                      27 PLN

Barbara:                        double                            545 PLN                    43 PLN

Karolinka:                      double                           583 PLN                      43 PLN

Sezam :                         double                             670 PLN                      43 PLN

Asystent:                       double                              300 PLN plus electricity according to consumption                        


IMPORTANT - main university campus is located in Gliwice however:

Faculty of Transport in Katowice, dormitory the "Babilon" in Katowice,

Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy in Katowice, dormitory the "Babilon" in Katowice,

Faculty of Organisation and Management in Zabrze, dormitory the "Alaska" in Zabrze.

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering in Zabrze, dormitory the "Alaska" in Zabrze.


Rooms have such basic equipment as: beds, a desktop, a wardobe, bedclothes and sheets, a chair, a desktop lamp, heater (in the winter season). Kitchen is not equipped with cutlery, pots, pans or crockery. Fridges are partly available in the dormitories - not every room/ dormitory has it.

Kitchen and bathrooms sometimes common for the whole floor. Each student house has facilities such as TV room, gym, ping-pong room and each room has Internet access.

Access to the Internet

In order to gain access to the Internet follow the instructions:

    have a computer with properly installed network card (wired),

    buy the network cable which connects computer to a socket,

    print and fill in application form using CAPITAL LETTERS; to fill in application form  you will need the MAC address your network card,

    application form deliver to network administrator (Polish student who lives in the same dormitory as you; his/her room number is well-known to the dormitory's staff) in person,

    connection to the network is free of charge.


For check-in is needed:

- 1 passport size photo,

- valid passport or ID card.

The procedure takes place at the Dormitory Office – located at the ground floor, just after your arrival. Head of your dormitory is the right person for check-in. The passport size photo is needed to prepare Inhabitant Card (Karta Mieszkańca). After the check-in you will get an Inhabitant (Resident) Card which allows to enter the dormitory. Keep it in your wallet and show the reception upon every entrance. The passport or ID card is taken for a while to make notes of information given there. On the basis of collected information your temporary stay in Gliwice is registered by Head of the dormitory in the local Municipal Office.

DORMITORY RULES - main points

- all students can use the laundry, kitchen and the TV room (keys available at the reception),                                                                                                                       

- bedclothes are changed every 3 weeks,

- students get bedclothes and other equipment, for which they are financially responsible until they return them to head of dormitory when checked-out,

- students can change room only with permission from head of dormitory,

- while entering the dormitory show Inhabitant Card (provided during the check-in),

- leave the key room at the reception when going out of the dormitory,

- the “Quiet hours” from 11:00 PM till 6:00 AM are in force; give a time for rest your neighbors,                                                                                                                       

- in case serious damages or reprehensible behavior student might be expelled from the dormitory,                                                                                                                 

- dispose of rubbish regularly and only at designed places - nobody will do it on behalf of you,

- keep room, kitchen, bathroom and other general purpose clean the way you would like to find,

- in order to use more effectively places in the dormitory students are obligated to change their rooms if head of dormitory decides so,

- monthly payment for room in the dormitory must be done till the 10th day of each month in the bank or post office,

- while check-out return the equipment, accomplish all formalities and leave the room cleaned up,

- in case missing equipment or damage room done, student will be charged with the costs of repair by reducing dormitory deposit.


Before you leave the room:

- make sure that you made all payments for the room (monthly/ daily payment; any doubts about payment/ amount to be paid contact head of your dormitory),                                                     

- leave room clean, the way you would like to find it yourself upon arrival; the room standard/ conditions as well as equipment depends on users,

- don't forget to take all your belongings,

- give back keys room to the reception,