Photo requirements

Photo requirements

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Candidate's photo should meet the same criteria as ID document photo.

They are as follows:

Technical remarks:

  • Photos should have good quality (clear, with proper brightness, contrast and colour).
  • The background should be white, smooth and not too bright, and the head outline should be visible. A shadow of photographed person should not be visible in the background nor any other distractions.
  • Colours should be natural, photos without colour are forbidden (black and white, sepia).
  • A photo in JPEG or PNG format is preferred in minimum size of 500 x 625 pixels which enables printing a photo in 2 cm * 2,5 cm size with proper quality. Pictures having larger size are also acceptable if they meet the mentioned proportions. If the uploaded picture has wrong proportions, it will be possible to crop it in the system.
  • If the admission rules require you to deliver a physical photo, it should be identical to the one uploaded electronically.
General information:

  • the photo should be up to date,
  • you cannot have any head covering, sunglasses nor any other covering that can hinder identification,
  • the photograph should present the whole head,
  • the photograph should show an image reaching not further than the upper part of shoulders,
  • the face should cover 70-80% of the photo.

Glasses and contact lenses:

  • If you wear glasses - you can take a picture in glasses. Your eyes must be visible, there must be no light reflection from the glasses. To avoid any problems it is better to take a picture without glasses.
  • If you wear contact lenses - you can take a picture wearing them if they don't change the natural shape and colour of your eyes.
  • If you have any innate or acquired vision defect - you may take a picture wearing glasses. Remember to attach a proper health certificate concerning a disability or a degree of disability.

Head covering:

  • If you wear a head covering required by your religion - you may have it on a photograph if your face is visible. In such case, attach a proper certificat stating that you belong to a religious community, Remember that it has to be a community that is registered in Poland.
  • The whole oval of the face and ear line must be uncovered.

Face appearance on picture:

  • the face has to be directed straight at the camera lens, the head cannot be skewed,
  • the picture should present a visible oval of the face, without half-profile,
  • you should have a natural face appearance, closed mouth and totally visible eyebrows, haircut on the picture can outreach the outline,
  • eyes should be naturally open, visible along with the pupils (cannot be hidden by hair) and aimed directly into the camera lens,
  • the so called "red eye effect" is prohibited,
  • ears don't have to be visible.

Picture background and lighting:

  • white, evenly lighted, without shadows and decorations,
  • the picture must only show a photographed person,
  • face has to be evenly lighted (light reflections on skin or hair and face shadows are prohibited).

Sharpness, contrast and picture quality:

  • the picture has to be sharp (without visible pixels) and has to have a natural contrast,
  • head outline has to be clear (background overexposure is prohibited),
  • the picture should be taken in neutral coloring and proper tonal density (it can be neither too bright nor too dark),
  • if you upload a scan of a paper photograph, it cannot be in any way broken on the surface,
  • the picture should show true skin colour.


  • If you wear jewellery - you can have it during taking a picture if it doesn't cover the oval of the face and doesn't disrupt the uniformity of picture's background. To avoid any problems it is advised to take a picture without jewellery.
  • If the removal of jewellery may damage ears or face - you can take a picture wearing jewellery, even if it covers the oval of the face or disrupts background.