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Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe, a modern and dynamic member of the European Union where education really counts. It is situated in the middle of the European continent at the crossroads between West and East. Poland is an ideal place not only for studying, but also for travelling. A journey across Poland is a great opportunity to experience breath-taking landscapes of mountains, sea, lakes and woods as well as to taste Polish cuisine and hospitality.

Compared to other EU countries the costs of living are a fraction of what a foreign student would have to spend in most other European cities.


The main seat of the Silesian University of Technology is located in Gliwice, a charming 800 years old city and important scientific, research and design centre in Poland. Gliwice has nearly 200,000 inhabitants and thanks to SUT it is the second (apart from Warsaw), agglomeration of technical intelligence. During the last 20 years Gliwice has transformed from a city based on the heavy industry into a leader in new technologies. On the other hand, Gliwice is also well known for its cultural life. Many festivals, concerts, exhibition and other art activities take place in the town. Numerous famous Polish artists and other interesting people (e.g. Nivea cream inventor) originally come from Gliwice. Results of surveys show that Gliwice is one of the most attractive cities to live in Poland. Definitely it is a unique place, where tradition, multicultural heritage, science and modernity intermingle, creating its one-of-the-kind atmosphere of the attractive place to study and live. 



•             Villa Caro (part of Gliwice Museum)– Dolnych Wałów 8a

•             The Piast Castle (part of Gliwice Museum) – Pod Murami 2,

•             Gliwice Radio Station – Tarnogórska 129

•             Municipal Greenhouse – Fredry 6 (on the area of Chopin Park)

•             Defence Walls -   Rzeźniczy Square,  Grodowa,  Basztowa

•             Town Hall -  Market Square

•             Ruin of Municipal Theatre – Aleja Przyjaźni 18

•             Bajka  and Amok Cinemas – Dolnych Wałów