Required documents

Required documents

(submitted in electronic form due to on-line platform dreamApply)

1) candidate’s personal form, completed in the electronic system, which includes candidate’s photograph, first names and last name, date and place of birth, PESEL number (or in case lack of PESEL number – name and number of document confirming the identity and the country name, which emitted it, sex, the address, correspondent address, e-mail address, contact number, the nationality, and in case of foreigner – name of the birth country and information of possessing the Polish Card, 

2) current photograph of the candidate in accordance with the requirements applicable when issuing identity cards  

3) a color scan of the diploma of completion of the second-degree or uniform MA studies, or other equivalent academic qualification of second cycle level awarded by a foreign university and granting access to PhD studies, with the Supplement in English,

4) Documents confirming knowledge of English at least at level B2 of the European Language Description System (optional) *

5) initial concept of the doctoral dissertation, prepared in accordance with the model available HERE       ,

6) motivation letter presenting the motivation of the candidate to undertake education at the doctoral school, and the subject area of the doctoral dissertation,

7) a statement of the supervisor chosen by the candidate to undertake scientific supervising for the preparation of PhD thesis (given by the supervisor),

8) documents confirming the candidate’s scientific achievements: scientific publications, delivering a scientific paper at a scientific conference, participation in research projects, activity in scientific circles and organizations, obtained patents and patent applications, awards and distinctions 

9) declaration on the lack of contraindications to undertake education, in which there are harmful factors (TEMPLATE   ),

10) a statement about the status of a candidate at another doctoral school, in accordance with the formula set out HERE       

Documents issued outside the Republic of Poland should be legalized or signed with an apostille.

All the documents (beside personal form) have to be submitted (in the paper form) to the Main Office of the Join Doctoral School within the time specified in the Calendar of the enrolment. Foreign candidates submit the documents in paper form after admission to the Joint Doctoral School.