Main Information

The Silesian University of Technology organizes its PhD studies within the Joint Doctoral School. The School aims to promote and implement research areas defined in the University development strategy. PhD studies prepare students to achieve a high degree of specialization and expertise in a scientific discipline.

The Joint Doctoral School offers interdisciplinary education covering a wide range of scientific disciplines (Topics of PhD thesis). Duration of a PhD program is 4 years with full-time enrolment. Each PhD student receives a scholarship without charging for tuition.

The Joint Doctoral School selects prospective PhD students through annual open competitions in the form of entrance examinations (Enrolment calendar). Electronic registration of candidates due to on-line platform ( Information on admission procedure (How to apply) and entry requirements (Required documents) are outlined on the School’s website.

The most important information about the enrolment to the Joint Doctoral School in the academic year 2020/2021

The enrolment to The Joint Doctoral School takes place through annual open competition on the rules set out in Resolution No. 4/2020 of the Senate of the Silesian University of Technology from 27th January 2020.

The enrolment is open since 29th June 2020 according to the detailed calendar set by the Rector.

The registration and submitting documents in electronic form takes place due to on-line platform DreamApply (

The topics of PhD projects, divided into scientific disciplines, are available from 22nd June 2020 (Topics od doctoral thesis). The candidate chooses the topic of the PhD project to which he/she wants to apply.

After choosing the topic of the PhD project, the candidate should contact by e-mail the supervisor responsible for this project, to discuss the details of the project implementation and obtain the supervisor’s statement, required during enrolment.

In justified cases, when the candidate cannot appear in person for the entrance examinations (in particular in the current situation related to the epidemic or in the case of foreign candidates), the entrance examinations takes place outside the site of the University, using IT technology with control the course of the examination and its registration.


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